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Areki no sekai

Nikushimi to kanashimi

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Areki, アレキサンダー, アレキ
17 January 1986
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I`m Alexander, plz call me Alex^^.
I`m a half japanse, half dutch, 19 years old boy, that lives in the Netherlands.
I lived in Japan for 4 years. Now days we go on vacation to Japan very often to visit my family. And yess I can speak japanese quite enough, to survive in the neverending empire of cool streetfashion and technology n_n. I grew up with all kinds of things like DBZ, Guyver, Chinchan, Doraemon, J-hero`s, and lot more typical japanse things. I`m very fond of Japanese streetfashion (visual-kei ,kodona and the cute Lolita`s to^^!), and I like to watch J-dorama, anime and movies. I like J-rock very much, and Jpop. But I also like Metal(all kind)Gothic rock/metal, Symphonic metal, film and anime music^^. I don`t have favorite band but i like to listen to: Antic Cafe, Kagerou, DEG, SLC, MDM, Malice Mizer, Pierrot, Miyavi, and Shulla.
Further I like to draw, paint masks, play D&D, going to conventions and concerts, photography, animating, internet, LARP, hanging out with friends, Listen to music, and allot more stuff ^_^
Gomenne for my bad english!!! @_@

~For We Are Many~

~boku no shashin^^~

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